Cash For Clunkers Facts

You’d think that the US government under the leadership of Barack Obama is actually doing you a favor by offering a $4,500.00 incentive if you buy a new car or a late model car. Before you jump on the opportunity, thinking of it as the best opportunity in the light of the global economic crisis, here are a few cash for clunkers facts that you should know about. Cash For Cars Sydney

First, majority of Americans do not favor this incentive program because they understand that there is some form of a hidden agenda behind this program. According to a Rasmussen poll conducted recently, only 35%, mostly comprising of government employees, consider it a great idea. More than 50% of Americans know the bad implications of this program of the Obama government which only attempts to lure people to buy cars produced by both foreign and domestic manufacturers, which are lighter, smaller, and more fuel-efficient.

Accordingly, these cars are eco-friendly, based on the presenting features, and this means that you are helping the environment somehow when you use these cars. There’s really nothing wrong with that. It can be even heroic to run in aid of the environment, which if truth be told, does urgently need all the help it can get. The thing is, they do not provide enough comfort to the passengers; worse, they may eve